How can I locate the closest Onkyo approved service center?

Onkyo USA
2018-02-01 16:21

You may use this link to locate your closest service center


To obtain warranty service, take or ship your ONKYO Product to an ONKYO Authorized Independent Service Center, together with a note describing your complaint and your copy of the dated purchase receipt. Repairs are not performed at our headquarters; all repairs must be performed by our ONKYO Authorized Independent Service Centers. For a list of ONKYO Authorized Independent Service Centers please go to;, under Support or call Onkyo USA at 800-229-1687 for the location of an ONKYO Authorized Independent Service Center. Please also include in any mailing; a contact name, address and email address or telephone number. If you choose to ship your ONKYO product to an ONKYO Authorized Independent Service Center, all shipping arrangements must be made by you and all shipping charges and insurance must be fully prepaid. Any ONKYO product shipped in its entirety must be properly packaged to avoid shipping damage. Any shipping damage incurred as a result of improper or insufficient packaging will be the responsibility of the shipper. ONKYO will pay all return shipping charges for ONKYO products that have been serviced under this warranty. Any service or repair for items not covered by this limited warranty shall be at the Authorized Independent Service Center's rates and terms then in effect. Contact an ONKYO Authorized Independent Service Center for details.

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