Why can't I get Analog connected devices to play to my wireless NCP-302 speaker using FlareConnect on my TX-NR656?

Onkyo USA
2018-02-01 16:36

There were a limited number of FlareConnect enabled AVR's that require a hardware modification in order for this feature to become available. If you have the wireless speaker NCP-302 and wish to stream music wirelessly from any source that's connected via analog cables, you will need to have this modification done at our designated service center (cannot be performed at local or regional locations). Please contact Onkyo Parts and Service @ 201-785-2600 option 4 so we can arrange this modification for you.

Models that require this update are as follows: TX-NR656 TXNR757, HTS7800/HTR695, TX-RZ610.

PLEASE NOTE: If you own one of the applicable models and do NOT own the NCP-302 speaker(s) or do not plan to stream analog sources, you will NOT require this update or benifit from sending the unit to the designated service center and having the modification performed

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