Can I use a speaker selector to run 6/8/10/12 pairs of speakers in Zone 2 on my receiver?

Onkyo USA
2018-02-01 17:06

Yes and NO - While it is OK to hook up a speaker selector to connect multiple pairs of speakers to the 2 channels that power Zone 2, it is NOT ok to run them at the same time. We advise against the use of a speaker selector as in most cases, if the speakers are connected they WILL be used simultaneously. If you have multiple pairs of speakers we recommend the use of a multi-channel distribution amplifier. This way you have enough channels of amplification to safely power the speakers so they can ALL be used simultaneously without damaging the amp. Even if the speaker selector has impedance matching, you still cannot run more than 2 speakers (1 pair) from the Zone 2 terminals without causing damage to the AV/Receiver (remember - you can't drive more than one car with one engine!).

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