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Sirius/XM streaming services effecting 2009-2015 equipment notice.

Dear Loyal Onkyo Customers,

Sirius/XM has informed us that they are changing their services as of March 31, 2021 which will have an effect on 2009-2015 models. If you are a current listener to this service and your unit is affected there are other ways of receiving this service through your equipment. Below are the recommended ways that you can continue to listen to Sirius/XM through your equipment by model.  In addition, you may contact Sirius/XM via email at listener.care@siriusxm.com for additional options.  

Audio/Video Receivers

Utilizing an HDMI input, you can use a Smart Device i.e., Roku or a Smart TV with the Sirius/XM app

HT-RC360 TX-NR509 HT-RC370 TX-NR609 HT-S7400 TX-NR709 HT-S7409 TX-NR809 HT-S8400 TX-NR1009 HT-S8409 TX-NR3009 HT-S9400 TX-NR5009 HT-S9400THX HT-RC440 PR-SC5509 HT-RC460 TX-NR414 HT-RC470 TX-NR515 HT-S6500 TX-NR616 HT-S7500 TX-NR717 HT-RC550 TX-NR818 TX-NR1010 TX-NR3010 TX-NR5010 TX-NR525 HT-RC550 

 Use Bluetooth input or the Airplay capability on your receiver, connect with your smart device as the source.

TX-NR626 HT-RC560 TX-NR727 HT-R593 TX-NR828 HT-R993 TX-NR929 HT-RC660 TX-NR535 HT-S5700 TX-NR636 HT-S7700 TX-NR737 HT-S9700THX TX-NR838 TX-NR1030 TX-NR3030 PR-SC5530 TX-NR545 TX-NR646 TX-NR747 TX-RZ800 TX-RZ900  TX-8160 TX-8140      

  Stereo Receivers/Mini System  

      TX-8050        CR-N755         

Contact Sirius/XM via email at listener.care@siriusxm.com or you can review options by clicking on https://www.siriusxm.com/contact-us to see what is available to continue to utilize Sirius/XM with these products.

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